The Zoe Approach

The Zoë approach is one that is professional, confidential, calm and patient with an appreciation of your individuality and aims to boost your confidence.

All clients are treated with dignity and respect and with the understanding that everyone is unique. Confidentiality is important and all data obtained from clients is treated confidentially. All services involve completion of a health questionnaire, which requires details of any medical history and your GP. It may be necessary to contact your GP or other relevant agency if there are concerns for your safety or the safety of others. This would be under exceptional circumstances. Your GP may also be contacted as a matter of courtesy if you choose any of the specified services.

Health and lifestyle coaching is not a replacement for medical intervention or counselling. It is intended as a complementary service and does not offer medical advice or in depth counselling. As a Health and Lifestyle coach I am here to listen and work with you to achieve your personal health goals. If it becomes clear that another agency or service would be of benefit, I may advise you to contact them and I may write to your GP if necessary. Health and Lifestyle Trainers are not personal trainers and Zoe does not offer fitness instruction and cannot provide exercise referrals. As a Health Coach I can signpost you to local gyms, personal trainers, exercise classes or clubs that may be of interest and benefit to you.

You can expect a high quality of care, attention and appreciation for your individuality and a patient, calm and honest approach. Nothing will be forced and all SMART goals are discussed and mutually agreed. It is my hope that contact with Zoe Health and Lifestyle Coaching will be a positive, confidence boosting and life improving experience.

All Zoe services can be provided as 1:1 and group services or a combination of the two. Rates are negotiable for groups and corporate service.